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The Call for Speakers is looking for the most relevant contributions, innovative initiatives and solutions within the framework of digital transformation in the nuclear field (modeling and simulation, digital models, intelligent sensors, robotic, data analytics, shared digital base, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, worksite 4.0... ).

You are invited to present and illustrate your purpose of project or solution: context, role of novelty, means available, problems to be solved, target audience, value added, impact on uses and everything that seems relevant to show its potential. Outline your benefits and differentiating elements, the stages of development (the ones carried out and the ones to come), your recommendations and if any the partnerships, certifications, labels, prices… For Tech-Demo indicate a contact, your website and links to demos, videos ...


Every contribution should include, as one of the authors, a representative from the organization in which the project was implemented.

Submissions will be evaluated based on the relevance to the topics, the status of implementation, the expected/measured benefits (such as operation efficiency, improvement in nuclear safety, business case...), organizational impact.


We would recommend to prepare some dynamic and creative oral presentations with a strong impact.

(Visual animations, experimentations...)

Case Study

Oral presentation onsite

A 15-minute case study presentation in oral session

+ a 5-minute Q&A


A 12-to-15-slide presentation in English

Your presentation will be a PPT file in landscape orientation on 16/9 screens.

How to apply?

A 1-page abstract submission (in English)​

Tech Demo

Pitch presentation onsite

A 5-minute pitch slot in oral session

A 5-slide presentation in English

Your presentation will be a PPT file in landscape

orientation on 16/9 screens.

A 2 sqm spot at your disposal to present

your solution or services​

How to apply?

A 1-page abstract submission (in English)