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Welcome & opening

International Panel • Operators 

After the launch of digital transformation programs by many actors of the nuclear industry what are the main focus areas for Operators? 

What are the main changes management issues on digital shift? Does the value delivered meet with the expectations?


International Panel • Digital Continuity

How to handover the digital twin from engineering to owner operator and maintain this digital asset during the whole lifecycle of the plant, until the dismantling ?


International Panel • Safety Authorities

The digital transformation in the nuclear industry is widely moving the organisations, processes, simulation capabilities and design activities beyond the digital I&C, these developing according to the designs and the countries.

This panel will present the safety authorities’ and international organisations’ point of view on the opportunities, challenges and risks of such a transformation for the nuclear safety, the way they cope with this transformation and their expectations from the industry.


Keynote Artificial Intelligence

From science to industrial applications

International Panel • Research & Development

Last years IA becames a major topic in the industry and especially in nuclear. The new capabilities in image, natural language, signal processing, problem solving and reasoning create expectations for many applications. What are the most promising IA technologies for fast deployment in design, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance policies and dismantling ? Is it possible to make IA algorithms and human expertise working together ?


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