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A new community

Meet the community of digital project leaders from the nuclear industry.

Discuss the opportunities and challenges the industry is facing.

After Paris-2018, Beijing-2019, the third INDEX is in 2020 the major international event dedicated to digital transformation in the nuclear field. Held in even years in Paris and out of France in odd years, INDEX enables nuclear industry professionals to share learnings from case studies and tech-demonstrations of digital transformation projects.

Numerous initiatives, by large companies, SMEs and start-up, are underway in fields such as new build, nuclear facilities operations & maintenance, dismantling and waste management.

Plenary discussions on today's major subjects


● What is the current state of digital transformation among nuclear operators around the world ?

● How will digital transformation impact the relationship with safety authorities ?

How to leverage artificial intelligence in the nuclear industry ?

What are the solutions available for sovereign clouds and digital continuity ?

Learn from the best case studies

It is a unique opportunity to meet key experts and practitioners from various nuclear fields, many countries and gain the latest insights on:

● The benefits expected from digital transformation in terms of safety and operational performance.

● The challenges to be addressed in terms of professional practices, process and cultural changes.

● The expectations from safety regulators from digital transformation.

● The opportunities digital technology shall bring to all members of the value chain.

● The impact on business models and relationships.

About Sfen


The French Nuclear Energy Society, SFEN, (Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire) is the French knowledge hub for nuclear energy. Created in 1973, the SFEN provides a space where all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications can obtain and exchange information.

The SFEN brings together 3 600 professionals, engineers, technicians, chemists, doctors, professors and students from industrial sites and from the French nuclear research organisations.

The SFEN’s four missions are: 

 Communicate, share and publish information

 Highlight the nuclear sector’s scientific excellence & technical rigour 

 Play an active role in discussions

 Federate the women and men who work in the nuclear sector

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