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JUNE 25-27, 2018 

A 2-day conference in Paris_ 🇫🇷

Keynotes, panels, case studies and tech-demonstrations

APRIL 2, 2019

A workshop in Beijing_ 🇨🇳

During the China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Exhibition

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  • Organized by SFEN (French Nuclear Society)

  • In cooperation with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

    & WNE (World Nuclear Exhibition)

  • In partnership with CNEA (China Nuclear Energy Association) 

    & ENS (European Nuclear Society) 

    & NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute)

  • With the support of Assystem, Bureau Veritas, CEA, EDF, Framatome, Orano 

  • Organized by CNEA (China Nuclear Energy Association) 

    & PFCE (Partnership France China Electricity Association)

    & SFEN (French Nuclear Society)

  • With the support of Bureau Veritas, CEA, Dassault Systemes, EDF,

    ICOS, PFCE, GIFEN, Orano