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Main sessions 

(as stand-alone) 


Beyond the CAD already used in mechanical, electrical, control-command systems..., towards systems engineering. In parallel, the simulation gains new applications. How to optimize designs quality? How to validate more quickly new concepts and procedures?

 Guillaume Montandon, ORANO Projets


Digitalised and BIM (Building Information Modeling) approaches are developing in the construction sector. How does the transformation benefit nuclear projects before and during the construction up to handhover to operation?

 Claude Duval, EDF

Maintenance & Operation_

New intelligent digital mock-up, sharing tools and digitalized workflow between operator and services providers open up new ways for operational excellence & flexible operations. What are the new opportunities, in the preparation and implementation period of interventions, to validate co-activity management strategies? How to simplify and streamline processes between the operator and its service providers?

 Jean-Bernard Thevenon, Framatome

Dismantling & Waste Management_

How can digital technology anticipate and manage the uncertainties of dismantling projects? How can digital approach reduce schedules? What can be learned from the experiences already carried out in digital (VR, AR, AI, scenario simulation, 3D CAD models like BIM, Big Data ...), in terms of economic and industrial performance? How organizations and processes are adapting to digital transformation to make it a key factor of expertise and success for dismantling and waste management?

 Cyril Moitrier, CEA

Additional focused areas 

(as stand-alone or associated with a main session)

➔ Knowledge & Change Management_

How digital changes the way of working ?

Data : large volumes and diversity are to be handled in nuclear projects. How artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and knowledge representation, natural language processing, will overcome all the related issues: requirements, verification and validation, clash detection in drawings …) ?

​Project management : nuclear projects need to deal with interactions between activities, unexpected event and various constraints. How can a digital twin of the project in order to identify roadblocks and to trace a critical path optimizing the delivery of the project over the whole lifecycle ?

Knowledge management : How can advanced search engine help to capitalize lessons learned among projects lifecycles, involving projects and operation heritage, sharing of experts knowledge through the concept of learning enterprise? Can this knowledge be encapsulated within a software system and reused in new projects ?

Attractiveness : How will digital through elearning, Hackathon, gaming, virtual, augmented reality and entrepreneurship accelerate skills development and reinforce attractiveness of the nuclear industry ?​

 Jean-Eudes Guilhot, Assystem

➔ Safety and conformity assessment in a secured digital world_

Digital is deeply transforming all industrial organizations, from process engineering to maintenance operations, by providing them not only with efficiency, but also with increased quality in data processing and in the follow-up of complex requirements.

Digital transformation is a key opportunity to improve the global efficiency of the nuclear sector while strengthening current confidence in safety, confidentiality and security matters of industrial systems and data.

How will digital change the interactions between the different stakeholders regarding  safety and security?

How to manage the need of data exchange taking into account cybersecurity requirements confidentiality and transparency?

How can digital tools facilitate the operators' safety and security missions?

And tomorrow what could be the contribution of Artificial Intelligence?

 Bertrand de l'Epinois et Gautier Delis, EDF

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